OpenWrt 19.07.4
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Autor:  obsy [ 10 wrz 2020, 08:59 ]
Tytuł:  OpenWrt 19.07.4

Dostępne jest wydanie poprawkowe OpenWrt 19.07.4. Zmiany w wydaniu skupiają się głównie na poprawie znalezionych błędów.

Informacja o wydaniu (EN):

The OpenWrt community is proud to announce the newest service release in the 19.07 stable series: OpenWrt 19.07.4. It focuses on stability and device support.

Selected highlights of this service release are:

* fix regression in libubox causing some services to fail to start
* fix regression in the LuCI web interface: the menu was not showing newly installed opkg packages
* fix a bug in musl that could crash applications in rare circumstances. Fastd, a VPN daemon, seems to be particularly affected y this bug
* fix support for several devices that failed to boot
* many other fixes and improvements to device support
* update core components (linux kernel, mac80211, ath10k-ct-firmware)

Full release notes and upgrade instructions are available at

In particular, make sure to read the regressions and known issues before upgrading: ... egressions

For a very detailed list of all changes since 19.07.3, refer to

We now have a forum topic where you can report your upgrading experience: ... ease/73829

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To stay informed of new OpenWrt releases and security advisories, there are new channels available:

* a low-volume mailing list for important announcements: ... t-announce
* a dedicated "announcements" section in the forum:
* other announcement channels (such as RSS feeds) might be added in the future, they will be listed at

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For latest information about the 19.07 series, refer to the wiki at:

To download a OpenWrt 19.07.4 firmware image for your device, head to the Table of Hardware:

Or navigate directly in the list of firmware images:

As always, a big thank you goes to all our active package maintainers, testers, documenters, and supporters.

Have fun!

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